The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas are fully-dramatized RADIO plays based on Rod Serling’s classic TV series.

In 2002, Producer Carl Amari licensed the rights from CBS and The Rod Serling estate to turn The Twilight Zone TV series into a brand new radio drama series.  Each 40-minute radio drama includes Stacy Keach as host, a full cast, music, sound effects and a Hollywood celebrity in the title role.

Some of the incredible stars that are featured include: Jane Seymour, Jason Alexander, Lou Gossett, Jr., Jim Caviezel, Michael York, Malcolm McDowell, Sean Astin, Lou Diamond Phillips, Luke Perry, Ernie Hudson, Sarah Wayne Callies, Mike Starr, John Rhys-Davies, Don Johnson, Michael Rooker and John Schneider plus many more.  These Twilight Zone Radio Dramas will keep you glued to the edge of your seat whether listening in your home or while driving in your car.

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